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Arctic Cooling

The Sound of Silence


As its predecessor the Silentium T Pro did not follow the ATX standard in terms of thermodynamics. This case was developed for noise reduction and optimal thermodynamic properties.


Warm air emitted from the CPU cooler rises unhindered to the top of the case and is blown out via 2 temperature-controlled fans this stops the CPU cooler from simply churning the same warm air over and over again.

Cool air is drawn inside the case towards the CPU cooler, voltage converters and expansion cards. This allows for the temperature of sensitive components to decrease significantly.

Two 80 mm chassis (1900 RPM) and a 120 mm (1500 RPM) PSU fan ventilate the PC case. The rotation speed of all fans is controlled according to the system load. Warm air is exhausted at the rear top and through the base at the front.


Noise Reduction

The case has been designed from scratch with the goal to reduce the noise to an absolute minimum. Openings to the front of the case were intentionally left out.

Air exhaustion and power supply cooling have been configured for a high-end PC, despite this high-end configuration the system operates virtually silent.

The fans contain a patented vibration absoption in order to lower the noise level further


I/O Front Connectors

Audio in and out as well as two USB 2.0 connectors are included in the front bezel.


HDD Muffler

Harddisk noise and vibration are eliminated by encapsulating it into absorbers. A HDD cooler keeps it at a low temperature.


Torsionproof Chassis

The mechanicaly optimized construction using 0.8 mm SECC steel makes this case o­ne of the most torsion resistant cases available despite a relative low weight.


Optional Air Hood

To enhance the cooling performance, an optional Air Hood may be installed at the backwall.


Power Supply

The AX-500F is a power supply optimized for high end PC's and complies with Intel's ATX12V version 2.0. The continuous output power fulfils gaming system requirements based o­n multiple VGA boards.

The AX-500F was tested with the following configurations:

AMD Athlon FX-62 CPU

2 GB Ram

2x ATI X1950 XTX (Cross Fire)

Intel Core 2 Extreme CPU

2 GB Ram

2x NVIDIA 7950 Gx2

Excellent Efficiency of up to 80%

- Low heat generation

- Lower energy consumption

- Lowest electricity costs

Active PFC

- Apparent power = real power

- No additional power bill cost because of higher apparent power consumption


Screwless Design

The screwless installation of expansion cards and disk drives allows for quick and simple assembly.


Long Service Life

The power supply is the most common cause of shut downs or system instability.

Despite this fact in most cases low quality power supplies are still found in today's PC. The result is system failures after o­ne to two years.

Silentium T Pro comes with ARCTIC COOLING fans that feature 400,000 hours MTTF. This ensures a long service life and system stability.



In order to avoid damage during transportation ARCTIC COOLING developed a custom-made packaging system for the Silentium T Pro series.

Horizontal case positioning:

Shocks or vibrations press the CPU cooler and expansion cards into its socket.

Foam Mat:

To absorbe the shock of a drop the case is kept in between two styrofoam supports as well as a thick mat of foam.